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08/10/2011 New Products Release
The short lifetime of a column in UHPLC, and therefore, a high running cost would make high-pressure separation less attractive to chromatographers. Now two new columns, Capcell Pak IF2 (2.2µm) and Capcell Pak MGIII-H (2.7µm), have been released in response to the real ultra-high-speed high-pressure separation.
07/01/2011 Information for our customers in Korea
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03/01/2009 New Products Release
Three new columns are released.
Proteonavi is a C4 column for protein separation. It shows outstanding acidic durability and minimal protein adsorption. Also Proteonavi is designed to make it easy to shift from analytical to preparative size.
PC HILIC is a silica-based HILIC column with phosphorylcholine (PC). It shows adequate retention, excellent separation, and high resolution of very polar and hydrophilic compounds.
SUCREBEAD II is a separation column for carohydrates. It is based on uniformly-sized polymer-beads and its excellent alkali durability enables carbohydrate analysis at high-pH.
02/02/2009 Visit Shiseido at Pittcon 2009
Visit Shiseido at Booth #826 at the Chicago show in 2009.
01/03/2008 Release of Capcell Pak IF
Capcell Pak IF, a new 1.8-micron column designed for fast separations, was released. Its chemical structure provides unprecedented separation efficiency for basic compounds at a wide range of flow rates. Why not setting up a new method with an IF?
15/01/2008 Release of Capcell Pak MG III
Capcell Pak MG III was developed by the original silanol-shielding technology, and designed for analyzing basic compounds under acidic conditions, especially in LC-MS. It shows ultimately minimized lot-to-lot variations in retention, and reduced column bleedings observed in total ion chromatograms in LC-MS.
12/09/2006 Exhibition booth in JAIMA show 2006
Exhibition booth in JAIMA show 2006
23/09/2005 Exhibition booth in JAIMA show 2005
Exhibition booth in JAIMA show 2005
22/03/2005 New application data added
We have added an application of a coenzyme Q10 analysis as well as an application of chiral separation using fluorescence derivatization. CoQ10 analysis has now become very popular and is attracting worldwide interest. You can find these data by searching the application library.
15/09/2004 Exhibition booth in JAIMA show 2004
Exhibition booth in JAIMA show 2004
23/07/2004 Growing library of MGII data
The CAPCELL PAK MGII has received wide acclaim since its launch in January this year, and we have steadily accumulated application data for it. Today’s update brings the number of analytical data for the MGII to 110. Look out for frequent additions of new MGII data in the coming months. Apr. 19, 2004
19/04/2004 Launch of the HTS Autosampler Z
We have started marketing a new autosampler that minimizes carryover problems when performing high-sensitivity analyses such as LC-MS or MS. The built-in ultrasonic rinsing mechanism thoroughly cleans the sample loop with the needle surface when sampling. Why not start by trying out the ultrasonic rinsing mechanism with a Flash video clip?
02/02/2004 The CAPCELL PAK C18 MGII now on sale
We have started selling a new standard column optimized especially for analyzing basic compounds under neutral conditions for establishing generic methods. This new column is called the CAPCELL PAK C18 MGII.
As a first step, try out this column’s key feature, its silanol group shielding technology.

01/12/2003 3-µm Particle diameter column added to the CAPCELL PAK C8 DD line
We have added a 3-µm column to the CAPCELL PAK C8 DD line. Since DD column offers higher surface polarity and smaller hydrophobicity than ODS columns, they are ideal for rapid analysis of complex mixtures. Why not try introducing a new analysis method with DD columns?
12/09/2003 Exhibition booth in JAIMA show 2003
Exhibition booth in Japan Analysis Instruments Manufacturers Association (JAIMA) show 2003.
Exhibition booth in JAIMA show 2003
07/07/2003 Website redesign
We have finished revamping our website offering information on Shiseido HPLC products. The aim of this redesign is to create a more useful site for our customers, featuring a rich collection of application data. We hope you will continue to enjoy using our site. July 7, 2003
07/07/2003 Launch of the new highly durable CAPCELL PAK C8 DD
This column combines a number of design innovations in the amount and type of polymer coating, and the octyl group bonding method with the extra durability of having both acidic and basic resistance.
07/07/2003 Request for research paper submissions
We invite researchers and scientists to submit data or research papers that were able to be published by virtue of CAPCELL PAK, NANOSPACE, and other Shiseido products.
Submit to: LC Application Center
Chromatography Development Department
Shiseido Research Center (Shin-Yokohama)
2-2-1 Hayabuchi, Tsuzuki-ku, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa 224-8558
We offer a small payment in appreciation to submitters.
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