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A New Method for the Determination of adenine Phosphoribosyltransferase Activity in Human Erythrocytes by Reversed Phase High Performance Liquid Chromatography T. Kojima
T. Nishina
M. Kitamura
H. Yamanaka
K. Nishioka
Biomedical Chromatogr.
5,57 (1991)
C18 26
Ion-Pair Chromatography of Dianionic Species by Dionium Reagents A. Ohki
J. Okamoto
K. Naka
S. Maeda
32,73 (1991)
C18 AG 27
Synthetic Ceramic Clay Material as Stationary Phase in Packed Column Supercritical Fluid Chromatography K. Jinno
H. Mae
M. Yamaguchi
Y. Ohtsu
31,239 (1991)
C18 28
The Design, Expression, and Characterization of Human Insulin- like Growth Factor II(IGF-II) Mutants Specific for Either the IGF-II/Cation-independent Mannose 6-Phosphate Receptor or IGF-I Receptor K. Sakano
T. Enjoh
F. Numata
H. Fujiwara
Y. Marumoto
N. Higashihashi
Y. Sato
J. F. Perdue
J. F. Perdue
266,20626 (1991)
C18 29
Multielement Trace Analysis by HPLC followed by On-line Minicolumn Enrichment asHexamethylenedithiocarbamate Chelates S. Ichinoki
M. Yamazaki
29,184 (1991)
C18 AG 30
Separation of fluorescent oligosaccharide derivatives by microcolumn techniques based on electrophoresis and liquid chromatography J. Liu
O. Shirota
M. Novotny
559,223 (1991)
C18 31
Dummy text Dummy text Dummy text
64,414 (1991)
C18 32
Dummy text Dummy text Dummy text
111,542 (1991)
C18 SG 33
Dummy text Dummy text Dummy text
40,715 (1991)
C18 34
Dummy text Dummy text Dummy text
40,959 (1991)
C18 35
A Novel Purification Method of Sterols and Steryl Glucoside from Plasmodia of a True Slime Mold, Physarum Polycephalum K. Mimura
K. Murakami-
J. Ohta
Ochanomizu Univ

42,49 (1991)
C18 209
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