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Title Authors Journal Name Column NO.
Characterization of Polymer-Coated C18 Packing Materials for Reversed-Phase Liquid Chromatography O. Shirota
Y. Ohtsu
O. Nakata
28,553 (1990)
C8 C18 17
Improved High-speed Counter-Current Chromatograph with Three Multilayer Coils Connected in series II. Separation of Various Biological Samples with a Semi- preparative column Y. Ito
H. Oka
Y. W. Lee
498,579 (1990)
C18 AG 18
Automated Precolumn derivatization of amino acids with ortho-phthalaldehyde using a hollow-fibre membrane reactor J. Haginaka
J. Wakai
502,317 (1990)
C18 20
Identification and determination of sulphamethazine and N4- acetylsulphamethazine in meat by high-performance liquid chromatography with photodiode-array detection M. Horie
K. Saito
Y. Hoshino
N. Nose
N. Hamada
H. Nakazawa
502,371 (1990)
C18 SG 21
Novel, highly deactivated reversed-phase for basic compounds T.L.Ascah
506,357 (1990)
C18 SG 22
Influence of Metal Impurities in Silica Gel on Protein Analysis in Reversed-phase HPLC J. Koyama
J. Nomura
Y. Ohtsu
O. Nakata
M. Takahashi
M. Takahashi
Chemistry Letters
687 (1990)
C18 23
Dummy text Dummy text Dummy text
64,35 (1990)
C18 24
Dummy text Dummy text Dummy text
39,347 (1990)
C18 SG 25
Separation of oligomannose-type sugar chains having one to five mannose residues by high-performance liquid chromatography as their pyridylamino derivatives H. Oku
S. Hase
T. Ikenaka
Anal Biochem
185,331 (1990)
C18 204
Computer-assisted prediction of small peptide sequencing in reversed-phase liquid chromatography K. Jinno
Y. Ban
30,51 (1990)
C18 SG300 205
Molecular planarity recognition of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in supercritical fluid chromatography K. Jinno
H. Mae
13,512 (1990)
C18 206
Determination of purine nucleosides and their bases by high-performance liquid chromatography using co-immobilized enzyme reactors M. Kito
R. Tawa
S. Takeshima
S. Hirose
J Chromatogr
528,91 (1990)
C18 207
Analysis of corticosterone in rat urine by high-performance liquid chromatography and fluorimetry using post-column reaction with sulphuric acid A. Sudo
J Chromatogr
528,453 (1990)
CN C8 208
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