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Shiseido NANOSPACE on Analyst
Analyst®, the LC-MS software of Applied Biosystems, now controls NANOSPACE.
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Automatic generation of Scheduled MRM Method (Analyst 1.5 and later)
Scheduled MRM method can be generated by reading peaks in existing Wiff data obtained by MRM.
(1)Select the sample name of Wiff data.
(2)A Peak with maximum peak area in each mass chromatogram will be automatically selected.
(3) The selection can be switched to another peak by double-clicking the peak of interest.
(4)Save the method with a new name.
(5)Scheduled MRM Method, containing retention time of each peak, will be generated.
*Original Wiff data set needs to be obtained during Period 1.
*This function is available in Analyst v1.5 and later.
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Automatic generation of scheduled MRM Method
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