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Xcalibur for SHISEIDO
For Easier MS Analysis!
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Xcalibur for SHISEIDO
NANOSPACE Installed in Xcalibur®
The LC-MS integrated software makes NANOSPACE-MS easier to use.
When using NANOSPACE-MS, you can control NANOSPACE as a part of Thermo Electron's LC-MS system controlled by X-Calibur®.

Open the LC control screen, and just click "NANOSPACE" icon.
 Maximum Freedom to Program HPLC and Control Each Unit
This screen is used for gradient program design.
Each unit can also be controlled on this screen.
Clicking a tab opens the corresponding window for controlling each unit.
Product No.
Product Name
Xcalibur for SHISEIDO
Syscon module for Xcalibur x 1
Modular cable (5 m) x 1
Modular cable (S) x 4
Terminator x 2
ARC NET board x 1
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