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S-MC Data System Specifications
Easy Operation!
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S-MC Data System
32-bit Application Operating in the Latest Environment
Data System
. 4-channel simultaneous measurement
. A window designated to integrate information about LC device controlling (pump pressure, oven temperature, and gradient curve)
. Selection of calibration curves
. Linking with other applications (word processor and spreadsheet)
LC Device Controller
. Wide range of support, from simple measurement to complicated setting of sample handling
. Free to select manual or programmed operation
. Pre-column labeling with several reagents
. Easy data management by integrated file format for the sections of data processing and analytical conditions
GLP/GMP Support Function
AIA Conversion Function
. Converting data to and from the AIA format
. Outputting individual data set to any designated folder in the AIA format
Product No.
Product Name
Data processing system N
Product No.
Product Name
S-MC Syscon kit
System controller x 1
Modular cable (L) x 1
Modular cable (S) x 4
Terminator x 2
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