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EZChrom Elite for SHISEIDO Specifications
World's Standard Full-specification Data System
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EZChrom Elite for SHISEIDO
Complying with 21CFR Part 11
. EZChrom Elite supports all electronic signatures specified in 21CFR Part 11.
. An electronic signature is entered into a printed report.
. Signature information (when, who, and why) is written into a data file.
. Signatures are managed with records to prevent illegal alterations.
Easy Operation
. A wizard simplifies the creation of a complicated method or sequence.
. Most of NANOSPACE devices are controlled by a single device-controlling dialog.
. Easy to use, even for beginners.
Connection of up to Four NANOSPACE Systems
*When controlling more than one system, additional control licenses are necessary.
Linkups with External Systems
. EZChrom Elite for Shiseido can control and network HPLC and GC systems of various manufacturers.
. The server-client configuration is also supported.
Product No.
Product Name
EZChrom Elite for SHISEIDO
Syscon module for EZChrom Elite x 1
Modular cable (L) x 1
Modular cable (S) x 4
Terminator x 2
ARC NET board x 1
EZChrom Elite x 1
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