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Integration of semi-microcolumn technologies - Optimum for high-sensitivity analysis!
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High sensitivity and high selectivity in semi-microcolumn LC and high throughput LC
The 7-µL flow cell minimizes band broadening especially in peaks with a small retention volume, and, at the same time, shows a S/N ratio greater than 350, for the Raman spectrum of water. As an example, the detection of anthracene of 100 fg (560 amol) with semi-microcolumn LC was shown below.
Calibration curve of anthracene
Sensitivity can be improved by choosing “WIDE” for the emission slit width when wavelengths of excitation and emission are adequately apart from each other.
Flow cell lineup for different purposes (standard: 7µL)
Besides the 7-µL cell optimized for semi-microcolumn LC, a 3-µL cell showing less band broadening under systems at 50 µL/min and a 12-µL cell with a priority on optical performance for conventional-size LC (1 mL/min) are available.
Stand-alone operation
When EZChrom Elite® is not in use, an analog signal unit (optional, attached to the back panel) is used for connection with an integrator or other data systems, and the device control (setting wavelength, etc.) will be done through an USB connection with a PC software included in the standard package, or with an optional liquid crystal control panel to be attached to the front panel.
Simple spectrum acquisition and maintenance with a utility software
Once a USB connection is established with a PC, an attached utility software provides simple procedures for optical alignment, spectrum acquisition of liquid in the flow cell, and evaluation of the detector by the Raman spectrum of water.
Example: Opening the utility software and obtaining the Raman spectrum of water
Opening the maintenance dialog
Begin scanning
Calculating a S/N ratio
Easy front-access maintenance
Detaching/attaching a cell unit, lamp replacement, aligning optics, and optimizing sensitivity can be carried out from the front side without taking the device out of the LC stack.
Product Number
Product Name
Fluorescence detector
Light Source
Xe lamp and Hg lamp (for wavelength inspection)
Wavelength range
Ex: 200 - 850 nm
Em: 250 - 900 nm (photomultiplier to be replaced at 731 nm or greater)
Wavelength Accuracy
±4 nm
Wavelength Precision
±0.5 nm
Ex: 15 nm
Em: 15 or 30 nm (variable)
S/N Ratio of Raman spectrum of Water
350 or greater (7-µL cell, baseline method, at 350 nm, time constant: 2.0 sec)
Flow Cell
Standard: 7µL
Optional: 3µL, 12µL
Power Consumption
100 - 240V (50 Hz/60 Hz), 450VA
Operating temperature
4 - 35 °C
340(W) x 425(D) x 300(H) mm
About 23kg
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