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Photodiode Array Detector PDF CatalogsSpecifications
Unique flow cell and optical system - Optimum for high-sensitivity analysis!
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Photodiode Array Detector
Changing the History of High-sensitivity Analysis
Compact design (H20 x W35 x D43 cm)
Light weight (15 kg)
Flow Cell with Innovative Structure
50-mm optical path makes the sensitivity five times greater (cell volume: 10 µL).
Structure consisting of a cell covered with PEEK resin prevents irregular reflection.
High-sensitivity Analysis over a Wide Range
Simultaneous use of a tungsten lamp and a deuterium lamp
Glass Optical Fiber
Conventional slit structure suppresses stray light and optical fiber minimizes diffusion.
Wavelength Calibration and GLP
. Easy wavelength calibration by PC on-screen instructions
. GLP support: Database management of all information utilizing EZChrom3.1
 High-sensitivity LC-PDA Analysis
. NANOSPACE SI-2 optimized for semi-microcolumn produces sharp peak with minimum sample diffusion.
. Optimum for high-sensitivity analysis with less carryover thanks to the use of inert materials for flow paths and various rinsing functions.
Analysis of Bisphenol A
Despite the 10 ÁL cell volume, sharp peaks are obtained due to the flow path that is designed for operation with semi-microcolumns.
Comparison of sensitivity with competing manufacturers
System Detection Limit
(S/N = 3)
Ratio of Sensitivity
Shiseido Photodiode Array Detector 8.8pg 13 times
Manufacturer A 47pg 2.5 times
Manufacturer B 118pg 1 times
* A conventional column with 4.6 mm i.d. is used and the injection volume is identical. The sample is bisphenol A.
Comparison of photodiode array detectors
Product No.
Product Name
Photodiode array detector
512-channel photodiode array detector
High-reflectance light pipe type of composite optical fibers
Spectral Range
190 to 800 nm
Noise Level
±0.3 x 10-5 AU/cm
(254 nm, 1.2 nm bandwidth, 50 vol% acetonitrile)
< 1x10-3 AU/Hr (254 nm)
Flow Cell
Volume/path length: 10 µL/50 mm
Option: 2 µL/10mm
100/120/220/240 V, 50/60 Hz, 200 W
350(W) x 200(H) x 430(D) mm
About 15 kg
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