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Minimizing sample diffusion - Optimum for semi-microcolumn HPLC!
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UV-VIS Detector
 High-precision Analysis at High Sensitivity
3-µL Flow Cell for Semi-microcolumn LC
A 3-µL flow cell for semi-microcolumn is used for reducing diffusion, while keeping an adequate light path length. The polyetheretherketone (PEEK) cell surfaces are mirror-polished for tight lens contact. The lens itself is small and durable, designed for semi-microcolumn applications.
Small-diameter Columns (Semi-microcolumn) for Dramatically Improved Sensitivity
Comparison of sensitivity between Semi-micro and conventional columns
Stable Baseline (Semi-microcell)
The newly-designed double-beam single-cell system ensures a stable baseline. At the measuring range of 0.001 to 2.0 AUFS, the noise level is below 1.0 x 10-5 AU (254 nm).
Networked System Control
Remote operation from a WindowsTM PC is possible by using Syscon-21 software.
Doubled Lamp Life
The original circuitry was redesigned to double the lamp life. The wavelength range of the deuterium lamp is 195 to 700 nm.
Time Program Function
An optimum wavelength and time constant can be set for each peak on the LCD display.
The optical system was redesigned to improve the sensitivity (1.5 times greater than the conventional model).
Product No.
Product Name
UV-VIS detector
Double-beam single-cell
Wavelength Range
195 to 700 nm
(Visible/ultraviolet automatic slit switching)
5.6 nm
Wavelength Accuracy
±1 nm
Measuring Range
0.001 to 2.0 AUFS
Noise Level
Under 1.0 x 10-5 AU max. (Air)
Under 3 x 10-4 AU/hr max. (Air)
Zero calibration range: 0 to 2.0 AU
LCD: 16 characters x 2 rows
Dispersion Element
1,200/mm planar diffraction grating
Light Source
Deuterium discharge tube: 195 to 700 nm
Silicon photodiode
Flow Cell
Standard: Capacity/Path length: 3 µL/7 mm
Option: Capacity/Path length: 13 µL/10 mm, 18 µL/0.5 mm
Time Constant
RAPID: 0.1 s
FAST: 0.2 s
STD: 0.5 s
SLOW: 2 s
50-step wavelength and time constant setting
External I/O Signal
Start, error, recorder (10 mV), integrator, auto-zero, and program start
AC 100 V ±10%, 50/60 Hz, 100 W
120(W) x 230(H) x 479(D) mm
About 12 kg
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