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Minimization of sample diffusion - Optimum for semi-microcolumn analysis!
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Optimized for Biological Samples
Sample Cooling Function
The autosampler features a sample cooling function, useful for analysis of biological samples.
Metal-free Structure
The flow channels are made of polyetheretherketone (PEEK) resin, allowing analysis of samples of strong adsorptive nature, such as proteins or other physiologically active samples.
Pre-column Labeling Function
Pre-labeling function
(OPA labeling of amino acids)

Selection of Sample Vials
Vial Holder
(1) 96-Well Microplate
(2) Conventional Vial
(3) Shiseido Vial (100 Samples)
(4) Shiseido Vial (200 Samples)

*Shiseido vials are available in 50 µL and 250 µL types.
Complete Rinsing System
A complete rinsing system is adopted for the sampling mechanism to eliminate contamination and carryover.
Double injection rinsing function
The sample loop and tubing are rinsed.
Post-injection rinsing function
Rinsing liquid can be chosen from any positions.
Syringe, needle, injection port, and injection valve are rinsed.
System configuration with double-injection rinsing function
High-precision Analysis at High Sensitivity
Small Dead Volume Structure
The capacity of the injection valve has been reduced to 1.9 µL, virtually eliminating diffusion of the sample. Semi-microcolumns of 1.0-mm I.D. are also available.
Influence of dead volume on semi-microcolumn HPLC
Comparison of Peak Efficiency of Standard Compound (naphthalene) between Nanospace and Conventional Instrument (Retention time: 12 min)
High Precision and Endurance
High precision is maintained even at small injection volumes (RSD less than 1% at 1 µL injection). A minute injection of 100 nL is also possible. The standard sampling volume ranges from 0.1 to 80.0 µL.
*Up to 400 µL injection can be made by using multiple collection injection.
Efficient Sampling System
Polypropylene (PP) sample vials (50 µL & 250 µL) are suitable for biological samples. Valuable samples will not be wasted.
50 µL vial: Minimum required sample volume = Injection volume + 2 µL
Easy Operation with Key Pad
Programming is set by using the numerical key pad.
Networked System Control
Remote operation from a WindowsTM PC is possible.
Product No.
Product Name
Total injection system of variable sampling volume
Sample Vial
250 µL PP
Optional: 2 mL glass, 96-well microplate, and 50 µL PP
Sampling Microsyringe
Gas-tight Type 100 µL
Sample Injection Volume
100 µL syringe: 0.1 to 400 µL in 0.1 µL increments
Injection Precision
RSD less than 1% at 1 µL injection
Repeated Injection
1 - 10 times for each vial
Max. Sample Number
100 (100-sample vial holder with 250 or 50 ÁL PP vials),
200 (200-sample vial holder with 250 or 50 ÁL PP vials),
50 (50-sample vial holder with 2 mL glass vials), or
96 (96-sample vial holder with 96-well microplate)
Sample Cooling
Electronic refrigeration: 4 to 20°C (variable setting)
Operational Pressure
35 MPa (max.)
Interruptible Analysis
Included in Standard Model
Rinsing Solution Port
Included in Standard Model
Error Self-diagnosis
Included in Standard Model
Input/Output Signals
Integrator start, auto-zero, start, end, stop, error signal, SYSCON
AC 100 V ±10%, 50/60 Hz, 350 W
258(W) x 460(H) x 487(D) mm
About 31 kg
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