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Superb Pumping Stability at Low Flow Rate - Optimum for Semi-microcolumn Analysis!
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Metal-free Pump Head
The pump head is made of polyetheretherketone (PEEK) resin, allowing analysis of samples having high adsorption properties such as proteins or other physiologically active samples.
High Density Dual Plunger Driving
Flow volume of 9.42 µL per stroke. The internal pressure damper ensures a steady pulseless flow even at a low flow rate (flow rate range: 1-3000 µL/min). A precise gradient curve is drawn even by gradient analysis using multiple pumps.
Relationship between plunger position, dispensing rate, and pressure
Ultimate Reduction of Flow Pulsations (50% of conventional model)
Semi-microcolumns of 1.0 mm I.D. Also Available
BPA detection limit
Built-in Microcomputer for High-precision Control
Internal pressure damper renders a pulseless flow (flow rate range: 1-3000 µL/min). Accurate gradient mixing is possible at very low flow rates.
Accurate gradient curve at low flow rate
Stable Baseline (Semi-microcell)
Easy Operation by Numerical Input Keys
LCD panel-based operation is done via the ten-key control pad. Up to 50 steps can be set for flow programming (in 1 µL/min increments).
Networked System Control
Remote operation from a WindowsTM PC is possible by using Syscon-21 software.
Airtrap Included
An airtrap is built into the pump to prevent air from entering the pump head.
Redesigned Front Structure for Easy Operation and Maintenance (See the photo at right)
Product No.
Product Name
Inert pump
Pumping System
Dual plunger pump
Drive System
Pulse motor driven constant flow rate/constant pressure system
Flow Rate Range
1 to 3,000 µL/min
Maximum Pressure
35 MPa
Flow Setting
By numerical ten keys
Constant flow: at 1 µL/min increments
Constant pressure: in 0.1 MPa increments
Flow Rate Accuracy
±2% (methanol, 100 µL/min)
Flow Rate Precision
RSD 0.2% (methanol, 100 µL/min)
ControlMaximum pressure: 35 MPa
Minimum pressure: 0 MPa
Increment: 0.1 MPa
Flow Program
Time-flow rate, programmable in 50 steps
Flow rate: 0 - 3000 µL/min
Time: 0 - 999.9 min
Flow Path Composition
PEEK, ruby, sapphire, polyethylene, and fluoroplasticOperating
10 - 35°C
AC 100 V ±10%, 50/60 Hz, 80 W
120(W) x 230(H) x 515(D) mm
About 12 kg
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