HPLC Instruments HPLC Columns
HPLC Instruments HPLC Instruments
Purification Services Large-Diameter Columns and Preparative Devices
HPLC Columns
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Purification Services
Shiseido's wide range of packing technologies provides full support for your separation and purification work.
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  • Conventional separation of composition using polymer-coated packing material
  • Separation using a jack-type movable-plug column that reduces running cost
  • Separation using an optical resolution column with a high hit rate and great load
  • Separation by distinguishing double bonds
Examples of separation
  • Gamma-linolenic acid, arachidonic acid, DHA, EPA, chain-like peptide, vitamin D, vitamin E, vitamin H, taxol, various herbal medicines, various optical isomers, and many other compounds
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