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UG stands for "Ultra Grade." The packing material is produced from high-purity silica with fine polymer coating achieved by Shiseido's unique surface treatment technology. The UG series includes types of various different functional groups to make full use of excellent separation characteristics.
Hydrophobicity and surface polarity parameters of Shiseido columns
Low-polarity UG Series
The non-polar surface allows quick and sharp elution of polar compounds. Since various functional groups are supported, the retention and selectivity can be varied by replacing the column, even under the same mobile phase. The UG80, the type of large retention and high loadability, is also available, suited for preparative use, too.
Sharp elution of basic, coordinating, and acidic compounds with no tailing. Quick and sharp elution of polar compounds.
Low column pressure
Narrow particle diameter distribution by extremely precise classification
Extended pH range
Polymer coating technology allows the pH range 2-10. Excellent durability. (NH2 : pH 2 to 8, SCX: pH 2 to 7).
Excellent lot reproducibility
Validation-supporting silica ensuring stable quality through strict manufacturing control.
Supporting GLP/GMP
Certificates attached to C18UG120S5 (i.d.: 3.0, 4.6 mm), C18UG80 (i.d.: 4.6 mm), and C18UG120V (i.d.: 2.0, 1.5, 1.0 mm)
Grades for preparative use lined up
UG120 (particle size: 5, 20, 30 m) and also UG80 (Particle size: 5, 20 m) optimum for preparative use with high loadability
Complete lineup of functional groups
Full range of column sizes
A complete lineup from microcolumns of 0.3 mm i.d. to preparative columns
USP category
Also available worldwide
Property values
Pore size
Particle size
Specific surface area
C% Density
Functional group Acceptable pH USP
12 3 300 15 2.3 Octadecyl group 2~10 L1
12 5 300 15 2.3 Octadecyl group 2~10 L1
12 20 310 - - Octadecyl group 2~10 L1
12 30 330 15 2.1 Octadecyl group 2~10 L1
8 5 340 18 2.5 Octadecyl group 2~10 L1
8 20 550 17 1.4 Octadecyl group 2~10 L1
12 5 300 9 3.1 Octyl group 2~10 L7
12 5 300 8 3.7 Phenyl group 2~10 L11
12 5 300 4 11.1 Methyl group 2~10 L13
12 5 300 5 13.9 Nitrile group 2~10 L10
8 5 540 14 1.2 Amino group 2~8 L8
8 5 450 9 0.9 Sulfonic group 2~7 L9
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