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MG stands for Miracle Grade. The enhancement of hydrophobicity was previously considered to conflict with the enhancement of surface polarity. This miraculous packing material, however, has achieved an exquisite balance through the fine control of polymer coating and alkyl group introduction.
Hydrophobicity and surface polarity parameters of Shiseido columns
First standard brand of CAPCELL PAK
A wide range of compounds (acidic, neutral, and basic compounds, low-polarity to high-polarity compounds, and others) can be efficiently separated. This column is the optimum "first choice" because it is free of specific selectivity, easy to use, available in the pH range 2-10, and extremely durable. Similar patterns can be obtained under the same conditions as in the adjacent columns in "Hydrophobicity and surface polarity of C18 columns." If you have any difficulties in separation using another column, try the MG.
· Exquisite balance of surface polarity and hydrogen bonding Fig1
· Maximum retention for wide range of compounds among the CAPCELL PAK brand Fig2
· Extended pH range
Polymer coating technology contributes to use in the pH range 2-10. Excellent durability.
· Free from tailing
Polymer coating technology contributes to use in the pH range 2-10. Excellent durability.
· Supporting validation
A three-lot storage system is maintained by thorough manufacturing control. Stable quality among columns is pursued for enhanced reproducibility of analysis even with columns of different gel batches.
· Supporting GLP/GMP
Inspection certificate attached
· Column of 3-micron particle size designed for short-time analysis at a high-speed rate
· Full range of column sizes
A complete lineup from microcolumns of 0.3 mm i.d. to LC-MS fast columns 20 mm long and semi-preparative columns
· USP category L1
· Also available outside Japan
Property values
Pore size
Particle size
Specific surface area
C% Density
Functional group Acceptable pH USP
10 3 300 15 2.3 Octadecyl group 2~10 L1
10 5 260 15 2.7 Octadecyl group 2~10 L1
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