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Chiral CD-Ph
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CD-Ph stands for phenylcarbamate -cyclodextrin.
Chiral CD-Ph is an HPLC column filled with optical-separation packing materials created from precisely-classified high-purity spherical silica with phenyl carbamate -cyclodextrin chemically bonded as a chiral selector. The special substituting groups enhance the chiral selectivity generated by the cavity structure of -cyclodextrin.
Excellent optical separation function
Ideal for optical separation of basic and neutral compounds
Optical separation list
No need to optimize conditions
High loadability
Data 1
Excellent durability
Data 2
Stable over a wide temperature range from 5°C to 60°C  
Excellent pressure resistance
Also available worldwide
Property values
Type Particle size (m) Specific surface area (m2/g) Acceptable pH Pore size (nm)
CD-Ph 5 350 3.5~6.5 4
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