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Ceramospher (Chiral)
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Ceramospher is coined from "ceramic" and "sphere." This is a completely new type of column for optical separation where the optically active metal complex Δ-Ru(phen)32+(phen=1,10-phenanthroline) is adsorbed to porous spherical ceramics by cation exchange.
The clay mineral used for the chromatographic support has a multilayer structure. Analyte molecules are supposed to enter narrow gaps between the layers, and to fit into environments where three-dimensional interactions for chiral recognition take place. When trying many chiral compounds, probability of successful optical separation is much higher than those of conventional chiral columns.
Difference between RU-1 and RU-2
RU-2 packing material is created from RU-1 by further special hydrophobic treatment. Consequently, Ceramospher (Chiral) RU-2 allows the use of aqueous (reversed phase) mobile phases.
Excellent separation hit rate
Optimum choice, particularly for the optical separation of neutral and acidic compounds
No need to optimize conditions
Analytical conditions can be easily set by using a flowchart
High loadability
5 to 10 times higher than that of conventional columns for optical separation
Data 1
Excellent durability
Data 2
Excellent pressure resistance (20 MPa)
Stable in a wide temperature range RU-1
20 to 60°C (methanol type)
15 to 60°C (water/methanol type)
Also available outside Japan
Property values
Type Particle size (m) Specific surface area (m2/g) Acceptable pH Pore size (nm)
RU-1 5 300 3~6.5 4
RU-2 5 300 3~6.5 4
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